Thursday, 5 February 2015

Hi guys, this blog is all about my feelings, I think this will help people along the way so enjoy.

Today was a normal school day and I felt tired and bored, like all teens do with school so I made the choise to do something more fun. Such as; talk to my friends, go to the cafe a and do some drawings. Then for no reason I was crying in my classroom. I was scared someone would see me and they did. I cannot seem to figure out why I have such good friends that can help me along the way. Anyway, my friend spotted me and brought the teacher over, she asked if I was alright.

Now, this isn't normal for me, this is the first time it has happened. All of you out there, I got a lot of advice of what it could have been. Now if you are at the age where you are about to start your periods, then this is your hormones messing around with your body, this can cause belly pains, headaches and random cries, if you have any signs then tell someone that you can trust, or tell one of your friends to let them know if you are moody.

If anyone wants to know anything about stuff you go through as a teenager, dreams and stuff, just comment! Bye, J. x